Carpooling with colleagues

Cårporate helps to safely make the most of a ride that is happening anyway. By using Cårporate, our clients save travel budgets, support greener commute and safely foster building new professional relationships.
Our Purpose
Cårporate mobile app securely connects commuters within one company with nearly identical routes based on their departure and arrival locations.
How does it work?
Let's talk if
✓ business travelers is a major part of your headcount
✓ you seek ways to increase employee engagement
✓ duty of care is among your top priorities
✓ millennials and Gen Z is the evolving workforce
Why not enjoy benefits of a safe corporate carpooling?
Safety and Duty of Care
Access is granted by corporate email, there would be no complete strangers in a car
Operational efficiency
Shared commute helps to decrease ground transportation expenses
Greener commute
Shared commute decreases CO2 emissions

Shared commute helps to increase corporate engagement
Because your employee would enjoy!
Get points, redeem for goods or donate to charity. Earn badges and compete in Leaderboard!
Being on time
Skip the waiting lines and get into a taxi earlier during rush hours
New opportunities to collaborate and advance careers through networking
Average age of a business traveler today is 27, they will enjoy Cårporate app!
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